Q&A with Brittany Dolen, owner of Dandelion on the Prairie

Q&A with Brittany Dolen, owner of Dandelion on the Prairie
Brittany Dolen

Please tell us about your business, the Dandelion on the Prairie.
Dandelion on the Prairie is a monthly subscription box currently marketed towards women. I have hopes of making one for men in the future. The box contains items made by Canadians from all over Canada. I aim to find items that are sustainably, ethically or naturally made.

How did you come up with such a great idea?
The idea came to me back in May. I had started to receive a seasonal box from the US. I loved it, and I thought “I wish this was Canadian.”

Can you give us an idea what one can expect in each box?
Each box will contain 3-5 items. Products can be anything from beauty, self-care, home decor, snacks, scarves, to teas and coffees.

So these are boxes that pamper women and support local area businesses?
Yes! I want all Canadians to be able to find new items that are local to them.

Will there be seasonal items in the boxes?
Every box will have a theme, or colour scheme, so some boxes will likely have some seasonal items.

Do you try all the products in the boxes yourself?
So far, I have tried all the items in the first box! There are some products that I’ve tried and loved and I plan to put in future boxes.

What is the cost of a subscription, and is this a local delivery only, or can people from all over Canada get a subscription?
Boxes will cost 49.99 + GST per month. Anyone in Canada can get a subscription.

Are there subscription options? (either monthly or 6 per year or 12 per year?)
Currently we offer a month-to-month subscription.

Do I get billed each month, or how does this work?
You will log in and make an account. On the first of every month you will be charged automatically. You can log in and cancel at any time.

How do you decide what to put in the boxes each month?
I’m constantly on the lookout for anything that will fit in the boxes. If I love an item it will be in a box at some point throughout the year.

Are you set up to have this business be very busy?
I don’t have much space right now to hold stock. I may have to look at different storage options as my business grows.

When you are not working on your business, what can you be found doing?
If I’m not working on my business you can find me with my family at events or outings usually chasing down four kids. Or at home trying to keep up with the kids while trying to drink coffee while it’s still hot.

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